No experience necessary.
Curiosity alone produces the bubble bath.


fave rave 20–30€
A 2h off-site, club or rooftop session with a unique electronic DJ set and a sensual, expansive & invigorating vibe
Max. 25 participants

living room bloom
A 3h living room session with a live musician and a gentle, deep & grounding atmosphere
Max. 8 participants


what’s next



20:30 – 22:30
fave rave @ west space | Alte WU
naomi’s special + exclusive preview of Piz Nadjini festival wear
w/ Naomi & DJ Piz Nadjini

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all prices are subject to change

refunds excluded, please find another participant to take over your ticket or request a voucher before the event:
> 24h before start: 100% voucher
< 24h before start: 50% voucher

instagram: @bubbles.popup