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Dancer and Vinyasa yoga teacher Indira Holzer opens up a vibrant space for playful body positivity, empowered movement and embodied pleasure.





Naomi Hattler is a space holder, yoga teacher, creative and founder of Cacao Spaces, based in Freiburg i. Br. (Germany). She passionate about creating spaces that foster a sense of belonging and facilitate guidance into grounded & slow ways of living, particularly for women. In online and offline settings, she works with ceremonial cacao, yoga and wellbeing practices. Having studied Interdisciplinary Arts in Maastricht, she comes from a socially–engaged creative background and is working with video creation, photography, podcast and Social Media as her media.

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Nora Mazu is yoga teacher with focus on Kundalini and her mission is create spaces for embodiment and alignment through connection with breath, free movement and dance. As a rapper she is also a mistress of ceremony, creating interactive live shows like her Rap Ritual Love Ceremony. She has been travelling the world and living in Thailand, Portugal and Latin America the last years and soaked up inspiration to guide humans into their authenticy.

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