Pop Up

est. 2021


Our Mission

release, explore, expand,

Bubbles Pop Up is an urban participatory event for personal wellbeing and collective empowerment. Our sessions are an invitation to reconnect with the physical as well as emotional body in a curious and playful way. Using dance, meditation, ceremonial cacao, journaling and electronic music, Bubbles offers inclusive spaces to explore intuitive movements, thoughts and sensations. We are celebrating individuality while nourishing our need for community experiences.

Mental health issues, constant stress and anxiety are becoming by-products of our modern lives. Bubbles aims to shed light on the importance of self-connection and the power of self-care practices as part of a conscious urban lifestyle.

Our events are explicity anti-discriminatory, safe spaces for people of all genders, identifications, national origins and ages. We are conscious about our ecological footprint, providing plastic-free, and climate-friendly experiences, sourcing ceremonial cacao from responsible sources and banning single-use plastic as well as using public transport whenever possible.

Let go of shame around experiencing pleasure in your body. Expect breath work, guided movement and warm ceremonial cacao underlined by a unique techno DJ mix prepared by one of Vienna's grooviest collectives.


No experience necessary.
Curiosity alone produces the bubble bath.


fave rave 25–30€
A 2h club or rooftop session with a unique electronic DJ set and a sensual, expansive & invigorating vibe
Max. 25 participants

living room bloom
A 3h living room session with a live musician and a gentle, deep & grounding atmosphere
Max. 8 participants


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16:00 – 19:00
living room bloom @ paula’s apartment
w/ Paula & Naomi

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if you have any questions, you can reach us best via instagram dm @bubbles.popup

all prices are subject to change

refunds excluded, please request a voucher (only possible before start of the event)

Indira & Naomi


Dancer and Vinyasa yoga teacher Indira Holzer opens up a vibrant space for playful body positivity, empowered movement and embodied pleasure.


Cacao space holder and Kundalini yoga teacher Naomi Hattler invites you to let go of stress and doubt, guiding you into a state of deep presence and loving self-acceptance.